Need more time to prepare your income tax return? Or extra 3 months to pay your taxes? Apply for the service online, in just 10 minutes, by filling out the forms bellow.

How to apply for Income Tax Filing Extension?

  • Simply fill out the form for Individuals / Self Employed PersonsTo apply for business entity, use the form for Business.
  • We will prepare for you a Power of Attorney and send it to your email, together with further instructions and payment details. You need to print and sign this document and file it to the relevant Tax Office by April 2nd 2018. If you are obliged to use DataBox, you need to file the document this way.
  • As soon as we receive your payment, we will notify you by email. We will also send to the relevant Tax Office an acceptance of the Power of Attorney by us. Tax Office will pair these 2 documents.
  • We will be in touch with you during the following 3 months to receive relevant documents in order to file your income tax return. We make sure you won´t forget anything.
  • Please note: Your income tax return will be filed by our certified tax advisor / NeoTax, s.r.o., member of the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors.  You will not file the tax return by yourself. 

How much does it cost?

  • The prices are: 1 890,-Kč for Individuals/Self-employed and 2 990,-Kč for Business Entity, including 21 % VAT.
  • All prices for our services can be found on our website.

What are key benefits of filing an extension?

  • 3 extra months to finish up your tax return. Having extra time to finish your return is useful, especially if you are still waiting for tax documents or you need additional time to organize your tax deductions. You fill file your return by July 2nd 2018.
  • 3 extra months to pay your income tax. This means, you will also defer its payment until July 2nd, 2018.
  • Provides extra time for self-employed persons (OSVČ) to fund a retirement/social and medical plan. Filing an extension provides these taxpayers with an extra 3 months to pay debts on their retirement/social and medical plan and extra 6 months to start paying advance payments.
  • Helps reduce late penalties. There are actually 2 basic penalties by the Czech Financial Autority: a late filing penalty plus a late payment penalty. If you file an extension and then file by the extended deadline of July 2nd, 2018, you’ll avoid the penalties. If you however file after July 2nd, 2018, your penalties will begin to count only from July 4th.
  • Filing an extension can improve the accuracy of your return. There’s always a rush to get tax return finished by the deadline, and taxpayers and accountants can make mistakes. With an extension, you will get extra time to go over the documents and make sure everything is complete before sending them.

Still questions? Feel free to contact us: odklad@neotax.eu.  If you are looking just for tax / accounting advisory, send us your  email on: accounting@neotax.eu.

For more about us, please visit our website.

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